Crude sunflower seeds oil

Transparency: appropriate for sunflower oil

Smell and taste: peculiar to sunflower oil

Acid value, mg KOH/g: no more then 4,00

Mass value of moisture and light substances, %: no more then 0,20

Colour value, mg of iodine: no more then 25

Mass value of non-fatty admixtures: 0,05

Phosphorus recalculated as stereo lecithin, %: no more then 0,60

Peroxide value, mmol/kg: no more then 10

Flashpoint, 00C: >225

Storage life: 6 months quality of the product is in compliance with the quality requirements of Ukrainian State standard ДСТУ 4492:2017 / DSTU4492:2017 “Sunflower oil. Technical specifications”.

Confirmed by results of the Laboratory

Quality certificate of sunflower oil

Crude sunflower seeds oil

Transport type: by flexitank container / tank container / tank truck

Netto weight kg: 25 000 kg of sunflower oil

Name: 1 grade

Packing: in bulk

Produced: 2021

Flexitank container:


Tank container:


Tank truck: