Straw Pellets for animals

JSC “BALTIC STRAW” produces pet litter! 100% ecological straw pellets made from clean and fresh Lithuania’s straws. Straw pellets are widely used in all Europe for animal, pet and birds bedding.

Why litter from straw pellets is better than others?

  • Straw pellets absorb up to 4 times greater amount of fluid than the mass of itself (example: 1 liter of straw pellets litter absorbs 4 liters of fluid);
  • Straw pellets¬† are 100% ecological, without any unpleasant smell or other impurities;
  • Straw pellets are thermally processed up to 100-150Co temperature, so that there will be no threat for animal, pet, or birds allergies.
  • Straw pellets absorb not only fluid, but also absorbs the smell.
  • By using litter made from straw pellets you will save litter itself and expense costs, because our litter made from straw pellets absorbs much greater amount of fluid than other kind of litter.
  • Straw pellets are 100% natural and ecological (made from natural wheat, barley, oat, rye and other straws), contain many valuable natural nutrients, fiber, trace elements: potassium, phosphorus, nitrogen, iron, cooper, zinc, manganese. In case of eating these straw pellets animals, pets and birds won’t be harmed, in fact all those nutrients are healthy!
  • After absorption of the fluid pellets start to decompose. So it can be used as high quality fertilizer for plants or compost.
  • Litter made from straw pellets is packed in a convenient PVC package of 5 liters.
Straw pellets package
A cat on straw pellets