How to use Bedding for Horse

Having chosen BALTIC STRAW pellets for horse bedding you will immediately see how easy and simple to use it is. To start using a new type of great horse bedding you will need about 30kg/1m2 Baltic Straw pellets and fresh water. With a sufficient amount of straw pellets, we can begin to prepare your horse stable:
  1. On a flat floor of a clean room spread 3 or 5 cm thick layer of Baltic Straw pellets;
  2. Evenly spread Baltic straw pellets around the whole stall. After that, sprinkle them with some fresh water (-0,5 liters / 1m2);
  3. After a few minutes you can let your horse into the stable, it will feel very good there;
  4. While the horse walks around the stable, straw pellets are shatterred and become a very comfortable bedding;
  5. On a daily basis (as needed), remove only the soaked areas or solid excrements;
  6. If need be, add 40/80 kg bags for 9/12-/2 of the stable once a week;
  7. We recommend changing the entire old bedding at least 4 times a year and replace it with a new and fresh Baltic Straw Premium Horse Bedding.
Good and pleasant use of our bedding for your horse.