BALTIC STRAW Bedding For Horse

Straws have been used as horse bedding for centuries. Only recently, new technology has allowed us to improve what seemed to be already perfect, that is to make soft pellets from straw and use them is stables. It has been well known for some time that straw pellets are the best bedding for horses.

Straw pellets are the best because

• 100% Natural • Good absorption rate and drainage
• Free from dust • Needs less storage space;
• Absorbs up to 400% more liquid than it’s own weight • Less work to much out;
• Less ammonia in stables, drier air • Easy and economical to use;

BALTIC STRAW bedding for horse characteristics:

Diameter 8mm
Moisture 8 - 14%


20kg NewDesign!
550 kg Big - Bag
1.100 kg Big - Bag