Hay (Natural Grass) Pressed In 15kg – 20 Kg Small Bags And 550 Kg Or 1100 Kg Big Bags

Feed: Grass/Hay pellets 8mm diameter

JSC BALTIC STRAW takes care of their clients and provides “from door to door” service.
Our clients don’t need to worry about delivery. We take care of everything! Our products are delivered to client’s designated location anywhere in and outside EUROPE at agreed time. We produce high quality GRASS/HAY PELLETS 8 mm diameter pellets 
for animal (horses, cows, goats, sheep, rabbits, camels) feed
We can 100% guarantee uninterrupted supply 10.000 tons per year of grass/hay pellets.

Common Specification – Grass/Hay Pellets:

  • Protein 8-12%
  • Maximum moisture content. 11-14%
  • Max. Fiber content. 24-27%
  • Carbohydrates 73-85%
  • Ash content max. 6%
  • Energy value – 337 kcal/100g
  • Energy value – 1434 kJ/100g
  • Mould – 3,9×102 cfu/g
  • Salmonella – not deLected
  • Granule size: 8mm density 650-700g /l.
    Each manufacture order takes 10 days.


Grass/Hay pellets packaging: Bulk granules in 550kg or 1100kg big bags.
Grass/Hay pellets packaging: in 15 kg or 20 kg small bags.

For all truck can load 24 pallets (1 pallet – 1000kg), total 24 tones.
For container 40ft shipments: Load 25 pallets (1 pallet – 1000kg), in 40”HC 25tons.

Order to any point of World best Premium quality Grass/Hay pellets of Baltic states and try for your beloved horses or animals.