Alfalfa Pellets 20 Kg/500-550kg/1100kg

We produce Alfalfa 8 mm diameter pellets with high Crude protein on dry matter: 16-18%, Moisture: 12-14%.

We can 100% guarantee uninterrupted supply 10,000 tones per year.

Common Specification – Lucerne Pellets:

  • 16-18% protein
  • Maximum moisture content. 12-14%
  • Max. Fiber content. 30%
  • Ash content max. 11%
  • Granule size: 8mm / 10mm / 14mm (depending on customer needs), density 600-700g / l.

Each manufacture order takes 10 days

Lucerne pellets packaging: Bulk granules in 550kg or 1100kg big bags.

Lucerne pellets packaging: in 15 or 20 kg small bags.

For all truck can load 24 pallets (1 pallet – 1000kg), total 24 tones.

For container 40ft shipments: Load 25 pallets (1 pallet – 1000kg), in 40”HC 25tons.

Each manufacture order takes 10 days.

Order to any point of World best high quality Alfalfa pellets of Baltic states and try for your beloved horses.