Wood shavings 20kg


Wood shavings

Wood shavings bedding of BALTIC STRAW by 20kg in square bales (packed in transparent bags).


Wood shavings are a great solution for animals that live in barns, stables and similar premises. If the chips are made of softwood, it also has a strong disinfectant and bactericidal effect. After all, it contains a large amount of various essential oils and resins. Therefore, coniferous shavings are able to restrain the growth of dangerous bacteria that can lead to animal diseases.

Wood shavings are clean product from wood and never contain chemical additives like other bedding products. Wood shavings are the ideal material for horse and camels bedding, swine bedding and all other livestock. Also wood shavings using for chickens, turkey, geese, ducks and other poultry farms.

Packing information:

Wood shaiving bedding by square 20kg bales.

24 pcs square bales load on 1 palette (palette dimensions 1200x800mm).

Total one palette weight 480kg.

One square bale weight 20kg.

On truck 92 cbm load: 768 square bales = 32 pallets. Total cargo weight 15,360 tones.

On truck 120 cbm load: 1032 square bales = 43 pallets. Total cargo weight 20,640 tones.

Wood shavings specifications:

Main type:                   Wood Chips – Bark – Off Cuts – Sawdust – Shavings

Type:                           Wood Shavings

Use:                             Stables and poultry farms

Origin:                          Lithuania

Volume:                       1,000 ton per month

Type of species:           European Softwood

Species:                       Scots Pine, Spruce

Humidity:                   Kiln Dried

Moisture:                     12-14 %

Weight 1000 kg