Sunflower granule

Sunflower seed hulls are a by-product of sunflower oil production. Sunflower husk has such an invaluable property as high calorific value during combustion. It is precisely because of this quality that it is one of the most efficient types of fuel, produced in the form of fuel pellets (pellets). Granulation is one of the most common methods of shell processing, which results in product moisture content of up to 12% and initial volume compression of 5-10 times. Heat transfer is 17000-19000 kJ per kilogram. This is more than the average figures for wood and about the same as the heat released by burning some types of coal.
2 tons of sunflower husk pellets release as much heat as 3.2 tons of wood fuel, 957 m3 of gas, 1000 liters of diesel fuel or 1370 liters of fuel oil.
Pellet burning is energetically efficient, usually the amount of non-combustible residues (ash content) does not exceed 3 percent.

Sunflower pellets are made from sunflower husks. They have very little protein, so they are not used as animal feed. But it is very well used as fuel for heating.