Alfalfa Bales 400kg – 600 kg


The dehydration process prevents the formation of toxins and moulds that could cause disease or infection in livestock.

The quality of our products differs depending on the cutting stage. Six cuts are normally done each year: those with the best fibre content are the second and third, while the most protein-rich are the last ones.

Alfalfa is chopped to an average length of 5-10 cm and packed in high-density bales

Alfalfa hay is used mainly as feed for dairy cows, as well as for horses, cattle, sheep, chickens, turkeys, and other farm animals.
In addition to the traditional use of alfalfa as animal feed, people start using alfalfa as biofuel for electricity production, bioremediation of soils with high nitrogen content and as a plant for the production of industrial enzymes such as lignin peroxidase, alpha-amylase, cellulase, and phytases.
Alfalfa hay are the best source of getting essential fibers and proteins for livestock.We produce feeds that are top in energy, minerals and vitamins. Amongst other pasture forages they have the greatest feed value and could be successfully used for livestock and poultry production.

– Moisture: minimum 10%, maximum 14%;

– Protein: minimum 14%, maximum 22%;

– Wight 400kg – 600 kg

Dimensions of a large bale: 80 * 120 * 120 cm – 170cm